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Rules for WhedonTrack

1) Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. That said, any deragatory, inflammatory, homophobic, racist, sexist, rude, personal, or otherwise jerk-like comments or posts WILL be deleted.

2) Everyone who posts here should understand that all posts and comments WILL be logged. If you say something stupid, then delete it five minutes later, it does not go away.

3) We are not here to "bring anyone down". We are here for representation, something we are not getting right now. Fandom is about the fans, not about the wants and desires of a select few. Do not come to this group just to badmouth any of the programming tracks at DragonCon.

4) This is a public forum. Anything stupid you say can and most assured will be used against you. That said, any emails sent to me or anyone else affiliated with the WhedonTrack will remain private. I expect the same from you. Unlike some people, we take private correspondance VERY seriously.

5) All WhedonTrack business shall be done here and on the website. Do not make posts regarding the WhedonTrack on anyone else's personal journal.

6) I don't care for rumors and gossip, and neither do Angela, Mary or LeeAnn. If you come in here with scandalous news (i.e. Did you hear Chewbacca is having an affair with Appolo?), do not post it. We really, really don't care.

7) If you have DragonCon questions, room party announcements, or roommated requests, you may post here, but we prefer you post on the website (Our official website) (The Signal, the best damn PodCast in the verse) (All the latest Whedon news) (the best damn sci-fi convention in the south.
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