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The idea for the Whedon Track came about after a simple question.

With the massive amount of support for Firefly/Serenity at Dragon*Con 2005, we were curious to find out if any programming of the sort would be held at D*C 2006. It had been hinted at that the Buffy/Angel Programming Track would change to encompass all things Whedon, so Mary asked about it in the Buffy Track livejournal. The response recieved was short, to say the least. We were told that there would be little, if any, Firefly/Serenity panels at D*C 2006. (Read the Original Post and Responses)

Because we questioned, we were accused of trying to ruin the Buffy Track. This isn't the case. We want nothing more than to see this track succeed, but we realize that since Buffy and Angel have been off the air for several years now, interest in the fandom has waned. We've seen the lack of interest it has generated the past couple of years, and we worry that the track will disappear altogether if something isn't done.

We recognize that Firefly/Serentiy and Buffy/Angel are two different beasts. One is science fiction and the other could be classified as horror. However, there are so many similarities that it would be fascinating to talk about them all and be able to compare them, which just isn't possible with the current format. Firefly isn't big enough for it's own track (there just isn't enough material), but it is gaining new fans every day. When that is taken into account, and we consider that the Buffy fandom is losing steam, we feel the best possible solution would be to breathe new life into the Buffy track by adding more content than it currently consists of.

The problem, however, is that we aren't being listened to. We are the fans, and as such are the people who Dragon*Con was made for. But instead of catering to the fans, some of the programming has become a game of politics and panels that are geared towards what those in charge enjoy.

We started this site because we the fans want to show that there is a strong desire for a Whedon Track. The idea is that we will primarily focus on Buffy, Angel, and Firefly/Serenity, but we'd also like to talk about other Whedon works. If we are able to achieve this track, this site will be use to make sure that the fans have the control, not us. We'd like to work together to make it the best it can be.

The Whedon Track will be holding it's own panels on the side. We won't interfere with the Firefly/Serenity programming being held at D*C, nor will we interfere with the popular events held by the Buffy Track (such as the Buffy Horror Picture Show). If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see, please check out our bulletin board and give us some feedback.